Preform Making Line

Braven has more than 15 years of experience in making plastic injection molds, PET and PP preform molds. Not only does Braven offer the molds, but also give valuable suggestions for production line building and complete turnkey project management including preform making line, cap making line and bottle production line.

bottle making line

PET Bottle Making Line

Braven manufactures high quality stretch blow moulding machines. Our machines are widely used in making mineral water bottles, drinks bottles, nuts bottles, medicine bottles, pesticide bottles, warm fill bottles, cosmetic bottles and edible oil bottles, ect.

Output varies from 60 BPH to 12 000 BPH, meaning we can meet the needs of all customers.

With more than 20 years of experience in producing blowing machines, we have turnkey solutions for every PET bottle making line.

Filling Line

Braven offers complete turnkey solutions with everything from preform bottle molds, blow molds, PET stretch blow molding machines, through to filling services, cappers, labellers and even packaging equipment.

We offer a variety of lines depending on your proposed production capacity and facility requirements.