Choosing the Right Stretch Blow Molding Machine for Your Business: Key Factors to Consider

Selecting the right stretch blow molding machine is crucial for the efficiency and success of your manufacturing operations. With a variety of models and features available, it can be overwhelming to determine which machine best suits your business needs. This guide will help you navigate the key factors to consider when making this important [...]

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Enhancing Product Quality with Precision Stretch Blow Molding Machines

Introduction In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, product quality is a key differentiator that can determine the success of a business. For industries relying heavily on plastic products, such as beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, the quality of containers is crucial. Precision stretch blow molding machines have emerged as a game-changer, enabling manufacturers to produce [...]

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PLA Bottle Blowing Machine

Since 2021 our company are researching and developing the PLA (polylactic acid) Eco-friendly material bottle blowing machine which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. It’s a biodegradable, compostable polymer derived from renewable resources. Now we are successfully doing it from PLA material to PLA preform [...]

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PET Pesticide Bottle Blowing Machine

At present, most of the pesticide packages on the market are mainly made of glass, plastic, metal, and paper plastic. Among the plastic packages, PET pesticide bottles have the highest recycling value. What machine is used to produce the PET pesticide bottles? The PET pesticide bottle blow molding machine is mainly used to produce PET pesticide [...]

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16000 BPH Mineral Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine Loading Successful

16000 BPH mineral water bottle blowing line is loading successfully. This project with 2 sets of BR-5U1.5L blow molding machines, the output for each of the machines is 8000BPH for 350ml, 500ml water bottles, 7000BPH for 1000ml, 1500ml mineral water bottles. The advantage of choosing the 2 sets BR-5U1.5L blowing machine are the cost [...]

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Oil Packaging Trends

Bravan is successfully done a turnkey solution for the Brazil oil manufacturing, 1 set 4 cavity servo blow moulder and 1 set 5 cavity servo oil bottle making machine for 500ml 14g vegetable oil bottles. Our blow machine workable for 60ml to 7-liter vegetable oil bottles, with rich experience in produce several shapes of [...]

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What is Blow Molding Machine

In the plastics industry, everyone will hear the term of blow molding. What is blow molding? Do you really know? Today, I will take you to know more about it. What is blow molding? Blow molding is a method of forming hollow products by means of gas pressure to blow and swell hot melt embryos closed in [...]

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Recycling of PET Bottle

PET is used as a raw material for making packaging materials such as bottles and containers for packaging a wide range of food products and other consumer goods. Examples include carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, detergents, cosmetics, produce, pharmaceutical products ,and edible oils. PET is one of the most common consumer plastics used and highly recyclable. Recycling of PET bottle packaging represents one [...]

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