Since 2021 our company are researching and developing the PLA (polylactic acid) Eco-friendly material bottle blowing machine which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp. It’s a biodegradable, compostable polymer derived from renewable resources.

Now we are successfully doing it from PLA material to PLA preform then blow it to PLA bottles. And we will start the first PLA bottle production line with our customer.

The PLA material is available to use in water bottles, milk bottles, juice bottle fields and etc. There are multi-company have started choosing their packaging in PLA material. Primo Water chose the PLA packing bottles and this type of eco-friendly packaging is also accepted by their customers.

Naturallylowa chose the PLA bottles filling their milk and it will not influence the taste of the milk. And there is also a juice company named Blue PLA BOTTLESLake has offered its lines of Noble All Natural and Noble Organics premium juices in a clear, 32-oz PLA bottle. You also can find that some packaging companies also have products of PLA material.

Leaving future generations a healthier planet the PLA material will choose by more and more companies, Bravan will spare no efforts to research and development the Eco-friendly material bottle blowing machine.