At present, most of the pesticide packages on the market are mainly made of glass, plastic, metal, and paper plastic. Among the plastic packages, PET pesticide bottles have the highest recycling value.

What machine is used to produce the PET pesticide bottles?

pesticide bottles

The PET pesticide bottle blow molding machine is mainly used to produce PET pesticide bottles. There are single-stage blow molding machines and two-stage blow molding machines. The input cost of the single-stage blow molding machine is several times higher than that of the two-stage blow mold machine. I will focus on the two-stage blow molding machine below. For the two-stage blow molding machine can choose the semi-automatic blow molding machine and the automatic blow molding machine.

The semi-automatic pesticide bottle blow molding machine needs a person to put the preform on the oven for heating then put it into the blowing equipment. The production of 500ml bottles with the 2-cavity semi-automatic blow molding machine roughly 700-900 bottles per hour. The semi-automatic blow molding machine with a low output, high labor cost.

The automatic PET pesticide bottle blowing machine with the robot gripper it’s automatic feeding the preform and bottle-out don’t need a person operate. Compared with the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, it is safer and saves labor costs. You can choose the blow molding machine according to the largest pesticide bottle volume you need, how many bottles do you want to produce per hour, such as the 2-cavity, 3-cavity, 4-cavity, 5-cavity, 6-cavity, etc, the output is about 2000 to 7000 bottles per hour. The capacity of the pesticide bottle machine is mainly affected by the bottle capacity, shape, and weight.

In addition to the pesticide bottle blowing machine, a complete set of equipment also requires auxiliary equipment such as air compressors, purifiers, and chillers.

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